"We met Tay in puppy kindergarten and we are beyond grateful that we signed up for her class! Once class was over we continued to go to her for training and guidance! As a first time dog owner to a very high energy Australian Shepherd puppy, we had a lot of questions and needed help. Tay had a lot of knowledge and guidance to help with the transition and training. Thanks to her we properly trained our pup!! We also use Tay for boarding and we wouldn’t trust anyone else! When I drop my boy off I know he is in great hands. He gets so excited when he see’s Tay which makes the drop off for a weekend or a week so much easier because I know he is getting treated well and getting the proper care. I highly recommend using Tay!​"

- Kayla O'Reilly

"Excellent experience with Good Manners I. Much more than learning sit, down, stay, etc., Tay explains the outside factors that can affect a dog's success in heeding commands. Looking forward to seeing what Good Manners II has to offer!"
- Shane Mullen

"Integrated Canine is INCREDIBLE!!

Tay’s day school is a wonderful way for pups to have a variety of experiences through one on one individualized training and socialization with other dogs and people throughout the community.

She is an amazing teacher. With the wonderful ability to break things down in easy to understand language.

Tay has been instrumental in helping our puppy to grow into a happy confident dog."
- Bethany Lunn

"The upbeat personality, love and education shown was amazing. She definitely trained us humans how to interact with our furbabies in a positive manner. cannot wait for the next class!"

- Sarah Metcalf

In-Home Consultation

Often times the most successful first step in a dog's training program is an in-home consultation.  An assessment of behavior and personality is much more accurate when done in an environment the dog is comfortable in.  This consultation time also offers an opportunity for initial questions to be answered and a plan for training to be developed.  

On average, an in-home consultation takes about an hour and a half.

Cost: $90

Private Training Session

Whether you're looking for an obedience refresher, or need help overcoming a training obstacle, a private, one on one session with you and your dog may be the best option to get the help you need in an efficient and cost effective way.

Private sessions can be booked at the location of your choice.

Cost: $40/Hour

Day Training Program
Board/Training Program

The day training program provides structured group play and crated rest periods, with one on one training sessions, both at the Integrated Canine facility and in public settings.  This option is ideal for the owner who is able to maintain training, but is struggling to teach new behaviors and life skills, or bring their dog to practice in public spaces.  It can also offer a weekly energy outlet for dogs who need more structure and boundaries than can be provided at most doggy daycares.

Day Training Days Are:  Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Drop Off: 8-9AM 

Pick Up: 5-6PM

Cost: $40/Day


For dogs with serious behavioral challenges a board/train program is often the safest and most cost effective way to make significant and lasting changes.  By providing a full immersion training program, the dog receives a consistent, 24/7 learning experience and new patterns of behavior can be more easily introduced to replace their current behavioral issues.  This program is also ideal for owners with significant training goals for their dogs who lack the time to teach and proof new behaviors but can maintain the behaviors once they are taught.  

At the end of the the board/train program, there is a transitional lesson provided to reintegrate the dog to their household and additional private follow up sessions or day training may be recommended for maintenance.

A minimum of two weeks is recommended for the board/train program.

Cost: $60/night

Integrated Canine is happy to provide home style, kennel free boarding to current and past clients.  Dogs spend their days alternating between structured group play and crate rest in the training room.  The Integrated Canine facility provides dogs with safe and supervised room to run both indoors and out.  Special accomodations can be made for puppies, dogs who are selectively social, anxious, elderly, fed raw, or in need of medications or supplements. 

10% discount for continuous stays longer than 2 weeks. 

Day training can also be incorporated into the boarding package.

Cost: $40/night (no training)

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